will pick up packages from retail partners will pick up packages from retail partners  
In short

Utrecht, 12 July 2022 – will start to collect parcels from sales partners itself. has recently founded startup Ampère. With Ampère, wants to better align its logistics services with customer needs and offer more flexibility and service to its sales partners. In addition, Ampère ensures the fully sustainable collection of packages from sales partners. Ampère has recently started in the Utrecht region and in the coming months the network of sales partners using Ampère will be further expanded.  




Parcel collection by Ampere  

Ampère has recently started collecting parcels from sales partners to bring them to a collection depot for further distribution. This concerns sales partners who make use of the logistics service ‘Send via’, through which takes care of the shipment of packages for sales partners at attractive rates. With this logistics service, the parcels are collected from the sales partners in the morning. Ampere will now collect these parcels from the sales partners itself. Next, the packages are transferred to Budbee, which delivers them to the customer the same day. Sales partners benefit from all the advantages of “Shipping via”, including a fast delivery time and high delivery reliability. wants to make optimal use of its logistics capacity.  

Besides the collection of packages via Ampère, will also continue to use other carriers for the collection of packages in order to meet the increasing demand of sales partners.    

Sustainable logistics  

The vans of Ampère currently largely run on HVO, a renewable and sustainable diesel, made from vegetable oils. In the future, most of Ampère’s vans will run on electricity. recently received the Climate Neutral Certification seal of approval. Ampère will start the process for its own certification this year.   

About Ampère 

Ampère is a startup which originated from Ampère aims to bring the logistics services in the Netherlands even closer to the wishes of the market. Ampère provides fully sustainable collection of packages from sales partners and has the ambition to realize a nationwide network in the future.