Our story

Bol.com opened its doors on 30 March 1999. More than twenty years later, the shop has 13 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium, a product range of 41 million items and 49,000 sales partners who sell their goods through the bol.com platform (on 31 December 2021).

bol.com board

The bol.com board consists of Margaret Versteden – van Duijn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ellen Coopmans, Chief People& Officer (CP&O), Gert-Jan Janssen, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Jurrie van Rooijen, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Boukje Taphoorn, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Vincent Weijers, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Oscar Hundman, Chief eCommerce Officer (CeCO), Joris Scheepens, Chief Platform Services Officer (CPSO) and Maite Zubiaurre, Chief Product Officer (CPO)