bollebozen is ‘the shop for everyone’. As one of the best-known shops in the Netherlands and Belgium, we want everyone to have access, and we’re right in the middle of society. At, we want to invest in the community as well as in the employees and entrepreneurs of the future. This is why we set up the bollebozen (bright sparks) programme. With our bollebozen initiative, we contribute to creating equal opportunities for children in the Netherlands and Belgium by encouraging children to enjoy reading stories, and by helping them develop their digital skills too.
Joost Morel
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What is Bollebozen?
Bollebozen is an initiative of We believe that all children deserve equal opportunities and we are happy to contribute to this. By conveying and encouraging the enjoyment of reading and stories. But also by helping them develop their digital skills. Through a range of initiatives, we are committed to providing every child with a good story with a beautiful end.

Bollebozen. A good story for us all

We have already committed ourselves in many different ways to the pleasure in reading and digital skills of all children.

The Dolfje Weerwolfje reading quiz
The first initiative of bollebozen

The school supplies gift cards
Providing schoolchildren with an extra helping hand

The Letterpret activity books
Helping children maintain their reading level

The Robot Playground
Teach children digital skills from an early age

The BoekieClub
Stimulate children to read more at home with the BoekieClub
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Donate iPads
Giving children equal opportunities

Helping children with their reading development during the summer months
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