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The will to improve comes naturally to us at Where we pioneered in 1999 by opening Europe's first online bookshop, we now want to inspire in making e-commerce more sustainable. is one of the largest online retail platforms in Belgium and the Netherlands, with a range of 34 million articles, a network of 13 million customers, 3,000 colleagues and 51,000 local entrepreneurs who sell via our platform. We are at the heart of society and have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to it.

Our ambition?
We want to do better every day: from packing and delivering as economically as possible to using 100 percent wind and solar energy in all our buildings. With our sustainable assortment, we want to help customers make a conscious choice and we reduce our CO2 emissions per package as much as possible. By 2022, is climate neutral certified according to the Climate Neutral Certification standard. Together with the international consultancy Climate Neutral Group, has mapped the CO2 emissions of its processes – from the moment that articles arrive at in a fulfilment center to the delivery to the customer’s doorstep, and everything in between – and set reduction targets according to the rules and guidelines of the Paris Agreement. The remaining emissions are compensated by For the 51,000 sales partners who sell via the platform, also compensates the operational emissions.

Logistics & the environment

Together with the delivery companies, we deliver the items that our customers order as efficiently and sustainably as possible. We do this by, for example, using customised packaging machines; omitting the filling material or even the entire cardboard box when the original packaging of an item is sturdy enough; using electric transport and delivery on foot or by bicycle.

With this, we want to inspire fellow entrepreneurs in e-commerce on the one hand and our sales partners on the other, with whom we exchange knowledge about sustainable packaging and smart logistics. We also offer logistics services to our sales partners, such as ‘Logistics via’ and ‘Shipping via’, to make their processes more sustainable. They can make use of our sustainable packaging innovations, efficient deliveries and the fulfilment center in Waalwijk, which runs entirely on green energy generated by 13,000 solar panels on the roof and the wind turbines next to the building.

In recent years, has taken more measures to further reduce its own emissions. For example:

All our buildings in the Netherlands and Belgium have been powered entirely by wind and solar energy since 2020. An important part of this step is the installation of over 13,000 solar panels by Eneco on the roof of the extension of the fulfilment center in Waalwijk. The first part of the fulfilment center already ran entirely on green electricity from wind turbines, which are located right next to the building.

Packaging uses 25 packing machines to pack customer orders as customised as possible. They scan the dimensions of one or more articles together, cut the cardboard to size and fold the box exactly around it. In this way, the air in the boxes is limited, less cardboard is needed and more packages can be loaded in a truck. There are 19 mono-packing machines for single item orders and 6 multi-packing machines for multi-item orders.

The multi-packing machine, which has been using since 2021, is the first machine worldwide which can pack multiple articles of various sizes in one custom-made box. What is special is that this machine is suitable for almost the entire range of tens of millions of articles.

We send millions of parcels without a box: if the original packaging of an article is sturdy enough, we do not add an extra box, thus saving cardboard and space in delivery vans.

All our cardboard boxes will be climate-neutral certified by the Climate Neutral Standard from 2022. This means that the energy of production by Janssen Packaging’s packaging supplier, the impact of materials such as cardboard, glue and plastic, and the distribution are included in the calculation. In the coming years, the emissions from the packaging will be further reduced and, in the meantime, the residual emissions are already being compensated.

Because we pack so well to size, we send 75 per cent of packages without padding. And when padding is necessary to protect an item, it is made from 100 per cent recycled material.

We are working with delivery companies to make our deliveries more sustainable. Customers can pick up their package at one of the thousands of pick-up points at shops such as Albert Heijn and Delhaize in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The cooperation with bicycle courier Cycloon, in which has a majority stake in Cycloon, ensures that we can deliver more and more parcels by bicycle.

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100% green energy
to power all our buildings in the Netherlands and Belgium
millions of parcels
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Shop & assortment

Within our wide range, it is important that customers can make well-informed choices. This includes information about the origin of products, the production process and the environmental impact.

We want to optimally support customers in making sustainable choices when shopping. That is why we label sustainable items using independent sustainability labels. The sustainability labels on the sustainable items give you more insight into why the item is a sustainable choice. For example, an item that is fair trade or organic, or made by social entrepreneurs.

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