makes more sustainable packaging available to sales partners - Cardboard box

As of today, sales partners of can purchase pallets of packaging in which they can send their orders. Currently, sales partners often use their own packaging. By offering more sustainable, recognizable packaging, offers sales partners the opportunity to package items in a more sustainable way. In this way, helps its sales partners to make their logistic process more sustainable. The packaging is also sturdy and easy to use, thanks to the adhesive strips, among other things, which saves sales partners time.

Climate Neutral Certification
Since early 2022, has been climate neutral according to the Climate Neutral Certification standard. Together with the international consultancy firm Climate Neutral Group, mapped the CO2 emissions of its business processes – from the moment that articles arrive at in a fulfillment center to the delivery to the customer’s doorstep, and everything in between – and set reduction targets according to the rules and guidelines of the Paris Agreement. The emissions that remain are offset by For its approximately 49,000 sales partners, also compensates for operational CO2 emissions. By offering more sustainable packaging to its sales partners, supports them in making their logistics processes more sustainable.

All of’s cardboard boxes will be climate-neutral certified through the Climate Neutral Standard starting in 2022. This means that the energy of production by packaging supplier Janssen Packaging, the impact of materials such as cardboard, glue and plastic, and the distribution are included in the calculation.