highlights local trends, brands and sales partners on a new webpage only for Belgians

Bicycles and watches remain the most popular gifts for Belgian communion and spring parties

In short

In spring, Belgians buy remarkably more children’s bikes and watches and sales of party tents and party supplies peak. This is according to sales figures from e-commerce platform Many families celebrate a communion or spring party in their backyard during these months. Such traditions and interests, alongside Belgian brands and merchants, are highlighted on the new page ‘What’s buzzing in Belgium’. is launching this so-called shop window page, visible only to customers browsing from Belgium, to give local preferences and what originates in Belgium its own stage.

A communion or spring party is an important milestone for a Belgian family, which is often celebrated with the necessary bells and whistles. Sales figures and search results from e-commerce platform confirm this typically Belgian tradition, with sales of party tents peaking this spring. A children’s bicycle or a first watch, in turn, are the most popular gifts, sales figures show. Interestingly, does not see the same trend in our northern neighbours, where communion is less of a celebration.

Robotic mowers, trampolines and fluorescent vests
Cultural customs and traditions vary from country to country. That is why is launching ‘What’s buzzing in Belgium’, an inspiration page that is only visible via the banner at the top of the page for customers visiting the e-commerce platform from Belgium.

“Wat bruist in België taps into what is going on in Belgium. For instance, we notice that since this year Belgians are buying more biographies and true stories. This can be explained by programmes like ‘Het Verhaal van Vlaanderen’. By highlighting such books on the Belgium page, we help our customers in their search. In addition, we want to strengthen local entrepreneurship by offering merchants an extra online stage in addition to their other sales channels.”
Sacha Buyck, lead Belgium at

The specific interests of Belgians also show, for example, that we are very concerned with greenery around the house. On average, Belgians more often choose robot mowers and motorised lawnmowers, because they have larger gardens than the Dutch. Trampolines are also more popular among Belgians. The Dutch, on the other hand, buy more vegetable garden boxes. And we should certainly not be underestimated as a cycling country: as a percentage, Belgians also buy more bicycles, bicycle helmets and fluorescent jackets.

Made in Belgium
A lot is being done and created in Belgium. That is what wants to highlight. For example, Kambukka is one of the most popular brands on, loved in Belgium and the Netherlands. Yet many Belgians don’t even know that these hip drinking cans come from Hasselt. Under the heading ‘Belgian brands’, they get extra attention. Just like the earplugs from Antwerp start-up ‘Loop’. But equally popular brands from abroad that are often bought by Belgian customers get an extra category. For example, kitchenware from French brand Moulinex is worth mentioning.

Ideal platform for Belgian sales partners now works with almost 6,500 Belgian sales partners, who use the platform to sell their brands and products online. Especially for relatively unknown Belgian sales partners, this is an opportunity. Garden shop Hermie has been selling products via since 2018.

“What’s buzzing in Belgium makes Belgian webshops stand out. In e-commerce, you no longer see where a shop comes from, which makes it seem more anonymous. Thanks to this new page, we get the chance to sell recognisably online in our own country too. For us, is a nice extension of our own webshop, as it allows us to reach a much larger audience.”
Steven Van den Bossche, business manager