Adrian McPhee resigns as CTO and leaves bol
In short

Adrian McPhee, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), has decided to leave bol. McPhee was appointed as CTO within bol’s executive team on June 1, 2023, succeeding Jurrie van Rooijen.

Adrian McPhee: “The decision to step down was a difficult one. I want to express my deepest appreciation to my colleagues with whom I’ve had the privilege of working closely during this brief yet intense period. The foundational work accomplished is robust, and I am pleased to see the transformation moving forward. However, during this journey, it became evident to me that I aspire to pursue a different path in the years ahead.”

Margaret Versteden – Van Duijn, CEO van bol: “Adrian joined us at a pivotal time, bringing a fresh perspective, vision and expertise. With this, great groundwork has been laid for a transformative phase in our company’s journey. I express my gratitude to Adrian for his impactful contribution to our company.”

A search for a suitable successor has already commenced, and in the meantime, Niels van de Wall, Engineering Director, assumes the responsibilities of Adrian McPhee.