Ahold Delhaize announces today that Albert Heijn and bol.com, two of the most popular retail brands in the Netherlands, offer new joint initiatives to create an even better online shopping experience for customers.

  • Single sign-on service: customers can log into ah.nl with their bol.com account, which means they need only one account for their food and non-food purchases.
  • Combined subscription model: new  and renewal subscribers to Albert Heijn’s 12-month home-delivery service (“AH Bezorgbundel”) will get a free subscription to bol.com’s  12-month “Select” service, providing them with fast and free-of-charge delivery of articles sold at bol.com.
  • Albert Heijn and bol.com are among the first retailers to offer an Action on Google to consumers through the Dutch Google Assistant. Both brands will also sell the Dutch-language Google Home device

“Many Albert Heijn customers frequently shop at bol.com and vice versa so these new features will make their shopping experience even more seamless and convenient,” said Wouter Kolk, Ahold Delhaize CEO Europe and Indonesia. “I’m excited about these joint initiatives, as we continue to create an even better retail ecosystem for our customers.”

Albert Heijn is the largest physical and online food retailer in the Netherlands, and also has stores in Belgium, serving more than 5 million customers each week. Bol.com is the largest online general retailer with over 9 million customers, and over 16 million products, in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Ahold Delhaize will provide further information on its ecommerce strategy in Europe at its Capital Markets Day on November 13 in New York City.